Who We Are?

PrisonTations Co.

-How many times have you gone to Walmart or Hallmark looking for a 'greeting card' to help you express how you feel about your loved one/IM and where they are? 

-How many times have you just not known the words to say to lift your IMs spirits when they're down and you can't physically be there for them?

-How many times have you googled "jail/prison greeting cards" only to find cards with cartoon inmates, handcuffs, not-so-funny 'locked-up' jokes and/or sad short messages that people like you might settle for because up until Now, that was all that was available?

What to expect when browsing...

-Quality Bonding Cards

-Heartfelt, real, experienced-filled notes & messages

-Customizable options 

-Relief. It's about time this is available for Us.


"I can't wait until this site is fully up and operating. I'm SO ready to be able to send my man something other than those Between you & Me cards...I mean, they good but... they only say so much."

-Tonya Jeremy, 31, Fort Worth, Texas

"My son has been in prison for 13years. I love him more than ever, but I've ran out of things to saying the cards that I buy are all starting to sound the same. This should be an interesting changed for both of us."

-Edna Dorsey, 64, Wilmington, North Carolina

"I was released from prison about 4 years ago and I left so many people I still love very much in there. I can't wait to be able to send them cards that actually acknowledge the different layers of feelings we go through in there AND out here. Hope you guys don't disappoint!"

-Samantha Jameson, 29, Corona, California

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