Who We Are?

PrisonTations CO. is a community of what We call "OutMates" that understand the prison experience and how the perception of time, the usage of words and Our approach, can either make a world of difference or make Our World different! 

What are "Bonding Cards"?

Bonding Cards are OUR version of 'greeting cards', tailored to the Prison Experience! Often times Our IMs (Incarcerated Members) need more than a 'greeting card' with words that don't exactly meet them where they are. And a lot of times Our OutMates don't know 'what' to say or 'how' to say it.

That's where We come in.

"OutMates" & "IMs"


An 'OutMate' is either the loved one of Someone incarcerated, a Formally incarcerated member, or anyone who cares about the effect the Prison Experience has on our communities, the family unit, & the economy."IMs" is short for Incarcerated Member. 

We just don't like calling them 'inmates'.  

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